How to Remove Unsubscribes From Your List and Download for Retargeting

AW Pro Tools segments your email lists automatically and customizes your followup marketing for every subscriber. If you use AWeber then AW Pro Tools will make your marketing more personalized and profitable.

Step by Step Instructions

1. In the AW Pro Tools dashboard, click "List Management" to go to the List Management page where cleanup instructions are created.

2. Click "Create a New Cleanup Instruction" to begin the List Cleanup wizard.

3. Select the list or lists that the List Cleanup instruction will query each day for unsubscribes and remove.

4. Enter a name for your List Cleanup instruction. This is an internal name to help organize List Cleanup instructions in your account.

5. That's it! Your List Cleanup has been created and will run for the first time within 12 hours, and then every day after that.

6. To download a CSV list of unsubscribes that have been deleted from your lists, click "Download Deleted Users CSV." This list can then be imported into an ad platform for retargeting.